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Cinematic wedding film makers

Wedding planning is exciting. Or at least that’s what everyone thinks unless they’ve had to plan one. It’s actually a lot of work. Just making the guest list alone can be hard. Then you have to send out pretty invites, pick the perfect place, photographer,  cinematic wedding film makers, food, flowers, bridesmaids’ dresses, match all the colours, and the list goes on. You probably want everything to fall in place perfectly on that day and you are doing your best to make it happen.

While we can’t guarantee everything falling into place, we guarantee to capture it all. Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to keep it simple and tasteful, or you’re the kind who likes to go all the way out, put all your friends in ‘awe’ and have the most glamorous wedding on earth, if you found us, you can safely tick off your cinematic wedding film and photography off your list.

Wedding films and photography

Firstly, with latest technology that we have there are a ton of options to shoot, stylize and make small lighting editions while editing. However what’s more important is while putting together the wedding video we as cinematic wedding film makers know what to shoot and how to shoot it. We know how to make it unique and original, just like unique and original is every couple’s story. We know how to bring life to the end product and how to add additional layer of magic to it. In creativity, I find, what is important is reflecting reality and not making anything up. It’s important for the person behind the camera, especially at a wedding, to have a feel for the atmosphere and the mood. We know how much work goes into everything, and how anticipated this day is for most. We also know that there is a lot of trust put into the person who is responsible for covering the wedding film on such a significant event in someone’s life. And we feel confident having that trust put into our hands. There are many reasons behind that confidence such as skill, experience and intuition. So leave your cinematic wedding film up to us and rest assured, you will love looking back at this day for many years ahead and showing it off to your friends and future kids.

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Modern stylish wedding films and photography throughout Essex London kent and hertfordshire –

cinematic wedding film makers - Bride and groom portrait

Modern stylish cinematic wedding films and photography throughout Essex London kent and hertfordshire –

Cinematic wedding film makers

Essex based Cinematic wedding film makers

Cinematic wedding film makers

Cinematic wedding film makers

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Wedding film makers

Now you have probably noticed as well as cinematic wedding film makers we also supply award winning photography. Scott recently won ‘wedding photographer of the year 2015‘ at the prestigious Essex wedding awards so you know your in good hands.

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